´ASTI Mobile Robotics´, through its branch ´ASTI InSystems Automation´ in Germany and its integration partner ´Revotonix´ in Lebanon, has developed a robot, called S.A.S.H.A. (Smart Autonomous System Hospital Assistant), for the transport of containers or trays of up to 50 kilograms within hospitals and health centers. This autonomous solution serves as a support for qualified personnel, because it reduces their repetitive work and, above all, the safety in the health sector at this time effected by the COVID-19.

With the most extensive range of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) on the market and always providing the best intra-logistics solutions according to the needs of customers, ASTI Mobile Robotics, together with its recently acquired Germany branch ´ASTI InSystems´ in the leading European mobile robotics group, presents a mobile robot that can transport different loads within the healthcare sector, facilitating the distribution of food and medicine on time. The robot and its application in these environments for the proper management of the coronavirus helps to minimize contact between staff and patients within a hospital or residence during this pandemic, helps to contain the spread of the disease, since these automatic vehicles are assistants to health personnel minimizing the risks.

ASTI Sasha (1)Thanks to its special design, S.A.S.H.A can accommodate various loads such as containers or trays. With adjustable lift height function, you can serve meals or medications to patients at different heights as well as different floors. You can also serve multiple destinations during a single transportation trip with a mass transit. With long transport routes, times can be significantly reduced. Therefore, the use of hospital service staff for social and value-added activities increases.

S.A.S.H.A drives in fully autonomous free navigation mode by automatically detecting and managing obstacles on your route using a laser scanner and intelligent vehicle control. The robot is located directly in the characteristics of the environment and guarantees the full safety of personnel. Unlike traditional healthcare AGVs which are concerned only in logistics processes and delivery, S.A.S.H.A can automate the full process of food distribution all the way from the kitchen shelves to the patient table inside the room. By this trade-off, S.A.S.H.A can eliminate human error in distribution by scanning a QR tag on the patient table, giving each patient the correct meal on time.

ASTI Sasha (2)

The S.A.S.H.A mobile robot has been successfully tested at the "Sidra Medical and Research Center" (Qatar), where the application was rated as positive by healthcare personnel, who highlighted that, with this type of solution, they can dedicate to actions in which they add more value. S.A.S.H.A can significantly improve the productivity and safety of healthcare personnel during the corona virus pandemic, while increasing the quality of hospital care and service.

This project is in addition to the recently launched by ASTI Mobile Robotics, ZenZoe, a Covid19 disinfection robot, which has been developed in conjunction with BOOS Technical Lighting, which is capable of 99.99% disinfection of germs. Its autonomy and mobility, together with the design of the ultraviolet-C light, allow the disinfection in all areas and surfaces to be disinfected without leaving corners.

In this way, the range of solutions of ASTI Mobile Robotics is increased for this COVID-19 situation, where our robots have become the best allies of humans to combat the current pandemic situation, as well as other diseases. Robotics has become a great ally for humans, not only to increase efficiency in processes, but also to avoid putting people's lives at risk in the work that a machine can do.