ASTI Mobile Robotics, together with CEIT, is working on the design of a security system that detects the position of people using radio frequency (RF), based on the principle that the people are equipped with an RF sender element powered by a battery. The project, that has been developed since the end of 2017, responds to the challenge facing society as described in the 2013-2016 State Programme for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research on the Digital Economy and Society, thanks to the Spanish Ministry of Innovation and the ERDF funds.

The objective is that the system can be applied to different kinds of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), within the ASTI Mobile Robotics portfolio, the widest in the market, with the aim of solving to a large extent the problems presented by current commercial systems that invalidate their use in applications with AGVs. For example, the reduction of accuracy in the estimation of the measurement distance in environments with a lot of iron in the surroundings, the complexity to calibrate the system in each of the vehicles, the problems to obtain a repeatability of the measurement in all the vehicles, the little flexibility of the current security system installed in the AGVs when parameterizing the configuration of the areas and the impossibility to cover the 360º of the perimeter of the vehicles.

In recent years, the industrial sector is transforming its way of doing business and modifying the products and services available, the sales channels or the mechanisms of relationship with the consumer. Taking advantage of the industrial, commercial and service provision opportunities related to this evolutionary process is the main key to this project. The application of an ICT solution to improve security in industrial man-machine collaboration as a key factor in improving the competitiveness of companies and the efficiency of the Administrations are included in the State Technology Sub-Programme.