In the first quarter of 2021, the ASTI Mobile Robotics Group added more than 40 people to #teamASTI, aiming to strengthen its workforce and, in this way, meet the current mobile robotics market demands while also ensuring quality service for all customers.
To this end, most of the professionals hired were technicians, coming both from University Degrees related with different engineering studies and from Vocational Training, many being senior technicians with vast experience in the world of mobile robotics, automation, and digitization.

Likewise, the Talent 4.0 programs that the company has been undertaking for years were also turned to, due to the “great need for software talent" that ASTI is facing for its growth and expansion plans, as explained by the ASTI Director of Organizational Development, Rubén Martínez.

Thanks to these programs, participants have the opportunity to develop their professional careers from their start at ASTI, and the company also trains these individuals in the skills that are most necessary right now for growth. ASTI College, for university candidates, and ASTI Academy, for Vocational Training, have an 80 percent job-search success rate.
The company's aim is to add more than 100 people throughout this year at its different locations. Therefore, all those interested in becoming a part of #teamASTI can send their curriculum vitae to