The CEO of ASTI Mobile Robotics and President of the ASTI Foundation, Verónica Pascual, has joined the group of world leaders promoting Computer Science alongside, a non-profit organization that works to encourage youngsters to learn to program. Pascual, a female leader in the Spanish technology sector, thus joins this initiative after the recent addition of José María Álvarez-Pallete, President of Telefónica, and the incorporation of global leaders like Bill and Melinda Gates, Barack Obama (ex-president of the United States), Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), and Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), among others. 

The agreement reached with to promote programming also means that ASTI Mobile Robotics and the ASTI Foundation will become strategic partners on said organization's international level, participating in activities and projects together to achieve the objective of promoting Computer Science in all facets of life. 

The CEO of ASTI Mobile Robotics and President of the ASTI Foundation has emphasized the importance of joining this project: "Right now, it is more important than ever to make visible and democratize computer science and programming. I very much identify with the objectives of, as this is everyone's task – a task represented by an inclusive and collaborative model. I feel it is important for leading individuals and entities from the sector to join forces around a shared view so as to give more exposure to the end goal. In today's world, the professional profiles that were already in demand in relationship with Industry 4.0 –profiles associated with the STEM fields– will be even more key in the digitization process that many organizations now must face as quickly as possible. And this is not only true for those who are going to work specifically in these areas but also for everyone, as the language of technology in our lives is something we all must understand.”


An initiative to promote programming

Currently –and despite the fact that programming is a highly demanded profession– 82% of parents and 76% of students in Spain do not know what computer science is and what subjects it is comprised of according to the report entitled 'Educación en ciencias de la computación en España 2015' ('Computer science education in Spain - 2015'). In the field of teaching, 82% of teachers have never learned how to use technology to teach. aims to accompany students and teachers in their training, a project that both ASTI Mobile Robotics (a European leader in mobile robotics) and the ASTI Foundation share entirely and which is supported through their drive to impulse programming in Spain and Europe. 

At times like these when technological development affects all aspects of life and in which the pandemic has accelerated the world's digital transformation, it is more important than ever to support the digital competencies and skills needed to be able to access the jobs demanded by the job market. And in terms of this new job market, ongoing training and professional reskilling for workers are two keys to connect with the challenges of the digital age.