The Confederation of Business Associations of Burgos (FAE) awarded last 28th October the FAE de Oro 2021 to ASTI Mobile Robotics Group. The award was collected by the managing director of ASTI and ABB Robotics AMR Global Solution Center Manager, Verónica Pascual Boé, in recognition of the business work done by the company in the last forty years. 

In her speech of gratitude at the award ceremony, Pascual reviewed the history of ASTI in Burgos, the reason for being transforming its customers and also what the future holds for ASTI with the ABB Group. 

She also stressed how proud ASTI has to be of what is being done in Burgos. She assured that it is an "honour" to receive this award, referring to the precedents of "wonderful" companies from Burgos that were also recognised in previous editions with this award and noted the pride she feels for operating from Burgos and managing the global strategy from this enclave. 

Fae Oro_veronica pascual

The managing director of ASTI and ABB Robotics AMR Global Solution Center Manager dedicated a large part of his speech to giving thanks. "Thanks to the founders, Ángel Pascual and Colette Boé, because they created the starting platform of what ASTI is today and what it is going to be. Thanks to our customers, because they are our raison d'être, demanding customers, who demand more and more, and who never tire of demanding from us. Thanks to our suppliers, many of them from Burgos, who are our travelling companions", she explained.

Pascual was moved when talking about the ASTI team. "Thanks to the ASTI team, because you are great professionals and magnificent people. I am super proud of what you are doing and what we have done," she noted. "Your passion, your dedication, your commitment, your perseverance, your patience, your mettle and your eagerness to be better every day have brought us to where we are," she stressed. "You are an example and I ask you not to lose that enthusiasm. You are what make this dream come true every day, every day, every year, so thank you very much", he stressed. He also had words of thanks for the team's families, "without your generosity, this would not be possible". 

The other recognition of the gala was for the director of the Adisseo Spain plant, Gerardo Juez, as Best Manager of the year.