ASTI Mobile Robotics will create more than 120 skilled and stable jobs throughout the year. The mobile robotics engineering firm ( hired 28 people in the first quarter of 2021 and hopes to expand the team with another 72 by July. These individuals are needed to support the company's growth, increase its capacity, and provide a faster response to its customers. The rest of the hiring will be during the second half of the year. These hires will be added to the already more than 330 employees that the company has -- a company that is a leader on the European market in the manufacture of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

“The digital transformation has sped up enormously over the last year due to the pandemic and, therefore, we need more and more digital talent to quickly join #teamASTI,” explains Rubén Martínez, Director of Organizational Development at ASTI. Robotics plays a fundamental role in developing a highly fluid and flexible model for industry, as well as one that is highly customizable, and "we for years have had exponential growth and that growth is now increasing even more due to the strong investment in automation in many sectors like the automotive and e-commerce sectors,” notes Martínez, adding that "our mission is to help our customers on this journey of change in which innovation, competitiveness, and flexibility are more important than ever."

To this end, ASTI Mobile Robotics is seeking, above all, candidates linked with the STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics); namely, engineers from all branches: computer scientists, industrial engineers, telecommunications engineers, electrical engineers, electronics engineers, and mechanical engineers, among others. The company is also looking to hire other profiles that support its growth at the global level. 

In fact, the international development of the company --with offices in Spain, Germany, France, and the United States and clients in 20 countries around the world-- makes languages a necessary requirement. "At least a good level of English --spoken and written-- and we also value French and/or German a lot in the candidates," says Martínez. "We are leaders in Europe according to the University of Hannover's ranking, and we want to continue moving forward on the markets. In order to accomplish that, we need professionals from all over the world to join our project," says Martínez, who insists that "we are living in a time of great technological change and, therefore, continuing to develop the technology necessary to keep the company in a leadership position is a priority."

The Director of Organizational development stresses, “we value, of course, all the technical skills that people have a lot; however, we also value their soft skills like emotional intelligence, a positive attitude, adaptation to change, teamwork, resilience, and mobility,” also highlighting that “we want the best talent to accompany us in this exciting project that has a lot of promise for the future.” 

Anyone interested in joining ASTI Mobile Robotics can send their CV to