ASTI Mobile Robotics participated in the 26th Automotive Quality 4.0 Congress, organized by the Asociación Española de la Calidad (AEC), where more than 250 managers from the automotive sector met on March 3 and 4 at Forum Evolución in Burgos.

Luis Ignacio Vicente, Chief Innovation Officer at ASTI Mobile Robotics, participated in the roundtable entitled 'Connectivity and cybersecurity in a quality environment', where together with Alex Palazón Pellicer, head of Cybersecurity in Quality at SEAT, and Tiago Sacchetti, director at Bosch Industry Consulting, the need to manage and protect the information and security of connected products was addressed.

"Our AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) dance," explained ASTI's CIO, as "they are DANCE: Digital, Autonomous, Non-emission, Connected, Electric." What does it mean for AMRs to be connected? "With the customer's permissions we can monitor them, this means we can get the data and manage it, but we are also trying to predict the future, as they facilitate simulation and predictive maintenance," Vicente pointed out. Therefore, "we have to see connectivity as an opportunity, as it allows the industry and its products, such as AMRs, to generate data that we have to manage strategically." In addition, "we have to study what measures we take in our companies to be more cybersecure," noted ASTI's CIO.

In this regard, Vicente explained that some challenges of data governance in the industry are "strategic, such as what information we are interested in sharing or how to evolve our organization and that of our customers towards a data-driven-company", but they are also "technical, from the format or quality; legal and regulatory, such as intellectual property" and, of course, also economic, "how to put in value non-personal or synthetic data or how to promote or participate in platforms to monetize my data".