• Verónica Pascual (CEO ASTI Mobile Robotics) and Jan S. Zernickel (Director Engineering) received on March 19, 2021 Federal Minister Franziska Giffey and District Mayor Oliver Igel in Berlin.
  • In addition to many automated track guided vehicles, which were exhibited especially for this occasion, the highlight was the “ZenZoe” disinfection robot.
  • Interested people can now admire the technology in the Berlin showroom

Berlin, March 19, 2021Verónica Pascual (CEO ASTI Mobile Robotics) and Jan S. Zernickel (Director Engineering) welcomed on March 19, 2021 in the Berlin Showroom the current Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Franziska Giffey as well as Oliver Igel, District Mayor of Treptow-Köpenick. Pascual explained how the visit was an honor for them. "We share the same philosophy, the will of transforming the future together, as well as the passion for mobile robots“.

The Corona pandemic has been lasting for more than a year and the containment measures have plunged the German industry into a deep recession. Therefore, as Jan S. Zernickel noticed, who has been part of the German ASTI management since February: "Many companies had to and have to rethink their processes to protect the health of their employees. Robotic and automation can make an important contribution.“ Federal Minister Giffey and Oliver Igel were enthusiastic about the different track guided and autonomous navigating transport robots which were presented. Giffey sees ASTI as an example for the big potential of the „power of innovation in Berlin“.

Especially the disinfection robot "ZenZoe“, which was also introduced during the visit, is a tool with big potential in fighting the SARS-CoV-2-Virus. The robot can kill up to 99,99 % of viruses and bacteria in the air, on surfaces and objects thanks to UV-C light and has already been used in some schools and hospitals. From now on, interested people can learn more about its technology. In fact, ASTI provided a disinfection robot in the showroom in Berlin Adlershof for test and demonstration purposes.

You can find more information about the disinfection robot here: https://zenzoe.tech