• The CEO of the company, Verónica Pascual, received this honor in Paris, highlighting the importance of this European Award, which is for the company a recognition to its globalization strategy.
  • With this award, ASTI Mobile Robotics Group consolidates its European leadership in mobile robotics manufacturing and industry automation.

Burgos (Spain), 10 December 2019.- ASTI Mobile Robotics Group was awarded last Friday with the “European Technology Award” in the category of “Automation”, which was presented in a ceremony at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The CEO of the company, Verónica Pascual, together with Jean-Michel Beghin, president of Keensight Capital, and Jean-Louis Menu, ASTI MR France country manager, collected the award which consolidates ASTI as a leader in mobile robotics and automation within the European market.

Verónica Pascual highlighted the relevance that this award has for ASTI Mobile Robotics Group, since “it is a recognition to our position as European market leader and a boost to our globalization strategy, now that we are already present in Spain, France, Germany and United States”. ASTI’s endeavor is to be increasingly global to be able to better support and service the development of their worldwide customers.

“Our vision is to become a leading multinational group in mobile robotics systems for industrial and retail automation, helping our customers to be more competitive and flexible. All our efforts are invested in making that vision possible,” pointed out the chief executive officer, who has recently acquired the company InSystems Automation, a German company that is also dedicated to the development of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). With this acquisition, ASTI is already present in Burgos and Madrid (Spain), Mulhouse (France), Berlin (Germany) and North Carolina (United States of America).

In the same way, the CEO thanked all the team that is part of ASTI for their dedication and effort, because “they are the alma mater of the company, TALENT with capital letters. We will go as far as we dare to dream”, Verónica Pascual pointed out.

Nowadays, ASTI Mobile Robotics Group is an international group of companies dedicated to mobile robotic systems. An engineering company dedicated to the study, design, manufacture, start-up and maintenance of logistics solutions using AGVs, (Automated Guided Vehicles). The group, made up of highly qualified personnel of 15 countries, has the widest range of driverless vehicles in the market and it is the leading European manufacturer of mobile robots, being experts in industrial connectivity and data analysis provided by the robots. It provides the full range of navigation system technologies for all kind of applications and a considerable manufacturing capacity of thousands of mobile robots per year. The Group is committed to an ambitious R&D strategy that strengthens its market value proposition and is constantly growing its international services while fostering a common customer-centric culture.

Driverless vehicles are the core business of ASTI. They offer AGVs in three different categories: “Automotive”, a complete solution for OEMs and Tier 1 to make the most of their competitiveness; “e-commerce”, AGV systems suitable for the management of multiple SKUs in “goods-to-person” solutions, and “Fast Moving Consumer Goods”, integrating mobile robots systems for pallets and container movements. Also, with the incorporation of InSystems Automation, the range of mobile robots is extended with the ProANT family for light loads movements.

ASTI is an expert in industrial processes, connectivity and customer support. It is the supplier of one of the enabling technologies in Industry 4.0 and also offers connectivity and integration services with users, predictive maintenance or performance analysis, with more knowledge of the plant performance, carrying out multiplant comparisons and analysing applications based on shifts.

With more than 35 years of experience, since the history of the company goes back to the year of its foundation, in Burgos, in 1982, its leap from SME to multinational had to wait until 2006, when Verónica Pascual, current CEO, took over the family business and propelled it to become a benchmark in the sector internationally.

In only 15 years, ASTI has grown from a company of 20 employees to an international company of 300 employees offering mobile robotics solutions to large companies in 17 countries. The company was one of the pioneers in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of driverless vehicles for the automation of industrial processes in sectors such as manufacturing, automobiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and aerospace. “Since 2004, we have multiplied our turnover by 20 and our team by 10,” says Verónica Pascual.