With the aim of presenting the ASTI Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan  and, above all, the aim of sharing knowledge, activities, and experiences in this areas –as well as our desire to take the same path together–, on January 21 an online day about CSR was held with some suppliers of ASTI Mobile Robotics. Thanks to the participation of around twenty of our mates on this journey, the meeting fully met our expectations as it served to lay the foundations for a path that should not be traveled by ASTI alone but instead with all the social agents with which we work and collaborate. 

After the introduction and welcome by the Chief Operations Officer of ASTI Mobile Robotics, Víctor Baz, the head of Supply Chain, Luis Lázaro, briefly explained some of the points in common between ASTI's strategy and that of the suppliers throughout 2021. After that, a brief presentation of the CSR Master Plan, the Supplier Protocol, and the Supplier Code of Ethics –as well as the ASTI Foundation programs– ensued.  Subsequently, there was a practical activity designed to get to know and link all the objectives with actions designed for the Sustainable Development Goals. The day was intense but very productive, and some of the titles that the participants themselves ended up highlighting were:


Production, ethics and ecological logic

ASTI SUPPLY. In line with the sustainable future

Willing to transform the world along with our collaborators. All together for the Sustainable Development Goals. #DREAMTEAMASTI

Unity makes strength

We are all a one and only company

Teamwork in and out

Two-way engagement BB2.0

A good idea can be shared

Common engagement 



The Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan (2019-2021) reflects our CSR values, good governance criteria, and a general concern for people, for the community, and for society.  And, of course, we cannot forget our concern for caring for the environment. To that end, ASTI feels that the role of companies is fundamental for social transformation and for meeting the challenges of the 2030 Agenda; hence, one of the challenges of the Plan is especially to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, a significant part of the day was dedicated to sharing activities and experiences about the SDGs. 


Why a code of ethics for suppliers?



Definition of the minimum standards of responsible conduct that all ASTI product and service providers must assume as their own.


Guarantee the transparency and traceability of the purchasing process


Ensure the continuous improvement of the group's provisioning process


Promote the generation of a responsible industrial network, being ASTI the driving force behind change in terms of quality and CSR.


Innovation and technology are the building blocks of our company's work and, without a doubt, they are the basis of the future of society 4.0 – a society that is advancing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, the development of ASTI's technology has to contribute to improving people's quality of life, facilitating the way they do their job, and bettering the operational efficiency of our clients. Nevertheless, all this must take place without losing sight of the fact that we work because of and for the people.  And we work with a people-based approach: one that includes our "Talent 4.0" – the people who make our dreams possible day in and day out.

Now, we only have to build the road together.