InSystems Automation celebrates its first spin-off: the company Revotonix. The startup was founded by four men and aims to change the world of commercial ads. “Felix”, an entertainment robot equipped with two big displays, should help them reaching their goal. On both screens companies can play individual advertisements, which change depending on the target. “Felix” can be borrowed by malls, hotels, fairs and for events of every kind. It is also suitable for airports, for instance to escort passengers to the right gate.

What is the idea behind Revotonix?

The name Revotonix is an art term, created from the words „revolution“ and „robotik“. Founder Wassim EL Hariri and Abbass Sidaoui got the startup idea. They would like to revolutionize the advertising industry with the mobile robot “Felix”. The robot is equipped with a big display on the front and on the back, on which movies, ads or informations can be played. Which ad is shown depends on who stands in front of the robot. Depending on different parameters like gender or age, “Felix” chooses the most suitable ad, similar to Facebook or Google, who feed the readers with tailored contents. To this purpose, the developers use machine learning basics and a kinetic 3D camera. At the end of its working day, “Felix” is able to tell how many people exactly saw the advertisements.

Where can Felix” be used?

The robot can be rented by hotels, fairs or shopping malls. In the locations, “Felix” moves autonomously at walking speed and works without additional navigation help. Using “Felix” as an escort at the airport is also a possibility. He could escort for example guests to the gates and provide them with the needed informations about the flights.

Who are the people behind the startup?

Revotonix is a spin-off company of InSystems Automation, a special machine constructor from Berlin-Adlershof which develops and produces since 2012 transport robots under the trade mark proANT. In the future, InSystems will support the startup with hardware and software components as a partner. Revotonix founder, Wassim El Hariri, works already since 2016 for InSystems, after graduating in robotic engineering (master) at Politecnico di Torino. He contributes with his experience and knowledge and knows the business very well. He is supported by two further staff members in the fields of machine learning and industrial design.

When does “Felix” enter the market?

The target market for Revotonix is first the gulf region, since several customer requests from this area already exist. A few time is though required until the first “Felix” robot starts working. The prototype completion is scheduled for the beginning of April. Then, a big journey from Berlin-Adlershof to the Libanon will start immediately. For the young founders, this means also a first important practical test. Wassim EL Hariri reveals: „Which such a technical sensitive freight with lithium batteries and sensors, the customs officers look very carefully. We were afraid of falling behind with our time schedule.“ Luckily, at the end everything worked.Now Revotonix is ready to change the world of advertisements.