Considering what happened in 2019 and the status so far, this year’s holiday shopping season is set to break new barriers. The 190 million Americans who shopped in 2019 presented a 14% increase from 2018. In China, Singles' Day’s sales smashed previous records, notably on leading ecommerce organization Alibaba.

What must have caught the eye of any avid marketer is that online shopping is gaining traction everywhere, whether you are talking about Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Singles' Day. The global Ecommerce market is experiencing a surge, and the number of online shoppers in 2020 may be record-breaking given the safety concerns related to COVID-19. If you own a retail business, maybe you should swing into action. After all, your two most important goals are to reach your clientele fast and save costs.

Robots in the Supply Chain

Ecommerce is facing a whiplash, with orders are being made in record numbers, yet the marketplaces tend to place emphasis on the most essential goods during this COVID-19 period. The upcoming annual shopping season will most likely cause an upheaval. Now that customers are transforming fast, Ecommerce has no choice but follow suit.

Compared to traditional methods of order preparation, the integration of mobile robots in applications based on the goods to person (G2P) method allows to make the most of space and to avoid unnecessary operator movements.

At ASTI Mobile Robotics, we are delighted to have in our portfolio robots that fit perfectly in today’s Ecommerce challenging landscape.

Exactly why does your business need a robotic solution?

Flexibility and Scalability

The capability to suit the fast-changing consumer buying habits is probably the biggest value provided by robotics technology. The holiday shopping season is not the time to try conventional ‘Person-to-Goods’ setups. Their semi-automated nature may be too difficult to reconfigure and extremely expensive with the dynamic customer trends. Only a company that is capable of predicting throughput one decade into the future would dare bank on this solution.

On the contrary, robotic solutions are so flexible and scalable that they can respond to the needs of a warehouse instantly. Robots can be deployed and removed from a warehouse depending on demands quickly and simply. You can program the device to perform multiple tasks, so the flexibility offered is simply unmatched.

When retailers heard about the need to adjust to the “Amazon Effect”, some probably thought it would be a 2025 thing. Now there is an urgent need for flexibility meaning that everyone must act fast to fulfill customer orders. Material Handling & Logistics (MH&L) predicted the deployment of 100,000 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for customer order fulfillment in 2020, but this number could be even higher given the pandemic disruption.

Accurate and Timely Deliveries

Robots have many capabilities, but their application in Ecommerce is often in moving goods around. They are proving reliable in picking and assembling goods, before transferring them for packaging. The result of this is less time spent by the team moving up and down the warehouse floor. More time is dedicated to superior customer satisfaction. If you apply robots with capability to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence, the order fulfillment time is even shorter because the robots optimize in real time.

If there was a time that Ecommerce companies needed to meet their clients’ expectations, it is during this era of consumerization. The shopping season does not give room for wrong shipments or damaged goods. Make one mistake and the client thinks about the next Ecommerce company. Workers who use mobile robots have a lower risk of making mistakes, hence reduced reshipping costs for the company.

Mobile robots for Ecommerce from ASTI Mobile Robotics are backed by advanced technology to achieve faster time to market and customer responsiveness. No wonder they often increase the delivery speed by up to 12%.

Safe Interaction

Are you apprehensive about working alongside any form of robot? Sometime back, humans and robots would not have co-existed, for safety reasons. The era of frightening machines and segregated infrastructure is long gone.

As you deploy our mobile robots in your warehouse this holiday season, know that you can bank on the safety of this technology. We ensure that all our products meet the strictest safety standards. Our collaborative robotic technology puts humans first. In compliance with UNE EN 1525 regulation, our robots come with emergency stop buttons and safety PLC; alongside safety laser scanners (This feature differentiates us from competition).


Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will surely light up the Ecommerce sector this year. If there is a perfect time to use robotics in your warehouse, it is now. Since order fulfillment is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention, astute businesses are investing in robotics for extra agility, accuracy and safe operation.

Don’t be left behind. Reduce your space by up to 26%; enjoy 99.9% on time delivery and up your delivery speed significantly with cutting-edge mobile robots from ASTI Mobile Robotics.