Towing AGVs are used for pulling trolleys one by one or in logistic trains. At ASTI, we have a wide range of mobile robots that includes mouse and tractor models. With different load capacities and functionalities, Towing AGVs can provide flexible solutions for logistic and manufacturing flows.

What are Towing AGVs? These types of robots are known for pulling loads, either by getting under a wheeled trolley and attaching to it (Mouse AGVs or Tunnel AGVs) or by operating as a tractor for several trolleys loaded with pallets, containers or other types of materials (Tractor AGVs).




Mobile robotics and AGVs offer a flexible and scalable solution for companies and help optimize resources, processes and costs. Moreover, the implementation of Towing AGVs has a number of specific benefits.

  • Automating processes with Towing AGVs is simple, without the need to change existing logistical flows.
  • Towing AGVs can transport several trolleys at the same time, reducing the number of transportations needed and increasing productivity. 
  • Wide range of AGVs to adapt to your trolleys and requirements.
  • ASTI’s range offers high operational availability thanks to their fast-charging technology and advanced lithium battery.
  • Towing AGVs perform an autonomous, safe and reliable transport of loads in collaboration with operators.  
  • Thanks to their intelligent IT system, our AGVs are able to prioritize orders, manage traffic management and communicate with the rest of the elements of the plant. 

To sum up Towing Automated Guided Vehicles are useful for logistics applications such as assembly and subassembly, kitting, interaction with robot cells, milk run processes, heavy loads transportation and outdoor flows. 




UniBOT and BidiBOT are the perfect example of this automation solution involving Towing AGVs. They are easy to install, easy to manage and easy to maintain. 


Logistic transportation

The vehicles in our Mouse range are mainly used to convey loads by pulling carts. They perform logistic transportation in an industrial environment in a fully automatic and safe way.

Our UniBOT 1200 and BidiBOT 1000 are robust, reliable and well-stablished in the market vehicles. They pass the most rigorous validation checks, working in countless automatic logistical projects and processes with 24/7 intensive use.


New generation of Mouse AGVs

This new cutting-edge AGV generation is compact, agile and connected. UniBOT 2000 and BidiBOT 2000 enable flexible layout and complex movements to optimize your operations more than ever.

Our new evolution incorporates new features, keeping the essence of our original Mouse AGVs.

With great load capacity and reduced dimensions, this innovative range of vehicles is able to adapt to a wide variety of load carriers for the automation of logistic flows and provide an ergonomic solution in assembly lines.




This latest range of Tractor robots can automate the deliver and management of trolleys of different sizes simultaneously over long distances and overcome slopes.

Increase your productivity

ne of the main advantages of implementing these mobile robot models is the increase in productivity by automating the transport of your goods both indoors and outdoors.

Our TriBOT range offer models up to 10 tones to provide a flexible and safe transport of your loads. They can integrate different options to adapt to the needs of each project and offer the latest technologies, such as communications through 4G.