The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has made us more aware of the need to disinfect every space and every place – not only disinfection of viruses but also of bacteria and other germs. Thus, the potential of ultraviolet radiation and mobile robotics to sterilize spaces is particularly relevant these days. To this end, ASTI Mobile Robotics has developed ZENZOE, an ADESCOV-19 Project (Automated Guided Vehicle for the Disinfection of COVID-19) financed by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). 


ZENZOE inactivates COVID-19 and other bacteria wherever they may be found, with planning and tracking at the core of the entire process. Its software, ZENZOE Simulator, makes it possible to analyze the critical points of each room before the disinfection process so that planning becomes much more efficient, recording the disinfection cycle in real-time – something which is subsequently verified through photosensitive tags. 

ZENZOE applies a controlled dose of ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) to inactivate up to 99.99 percent of COVID-19's viral load, in addition to being effective against other viruses and bacteria. This is done in sync with the continuous movement of the robotic vehicle, which automatically dodges obstacles. This type of radiation is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and does not require a waiting time to be able to use the sterilized location again. Thus, it is a cost-effective disinfection method that is easy to install and use and quite efficient. Likewise, this system has been verified by the NBC Defense Laboratory of the INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) in collaboration with the UME (Military Emergency Unit). 

The robot's f capacity, with the ability to change the battery, allows for 24/7 operation. ZENZOE Robot completely disinfects all spaces without missing a single corner and it features pre-programmed disinfection cycles. In addition, the ZenZoe Simulator© radiation calculation software allows for the anticipation and planning of disinfection strategies with greater precision. The system offers full tracking abilities and data connectivity for real-time monitoring. All data is subsequently stored to optimize operations. Thanks to its connectivity (WIFI and 4G), performance can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Possible problems can also be diagnosed remotely and predictive maintenance planning is supported. The robot's operating parameters (speed, time, cycle times, etc.) can be set for optimal performance and usage time.

ZENZOE Robot can disinfect 2.5 times more space in one day than other similar solutions on the market. It is very suitable for disinfecting medium and large facilities. In short, it is a more productive and efficient solution than other types of cleaning options and it has a reduced impact on the staff's work. Staff members are also protected by the automatic person detection feature that uses an IR sensor. 

In addition to ZENZOE Robot, the manual ZENZOE solutions (Easy, Pro, and Plus) also provide an extremely high degree of disinfection thanks to an optimized UV-C dose. These solutions are ideal for smaller facilities and those where robots cannot be deployed because of space or movement constraints like, for example, educational centers, sports centers, clinics, and offices – among other spaces.