Discover our Boxmover family

This range of mobile robots are adaptable to various payloads and handling systems, providing an automatic pick and drop without changes in your plant infrastructure. Total flexibility provided by advanced natural navigation technology which allows dynamic route planning and obstacle avoidance ability.

Thanks to its multiple possibilities, these AGVs can be included in different intralogistics processes, from line feeding and end of line handling, to additive manufacturing flows and storage applications. They are perfect to automate the transport of light loads in Pharma & Beauty, Electronics, Automotive, Textile among other industries.

  • Guarantee continuous material supply
  • Improve takt time
  • Manage complex processes
  • Monitor flow and inventory

Connectivity and traceability

Bring your plant closer to Industry 4.0 models through our connectivity services that allow you to optimize your operations and ease your decision making. Real-time system monitoring and customized dashboards for total traceability of your processes with Boxmover mobile robots.


Optimize workplace, workflows, and cost with our Boxmover line

Find out more about this innovative range, its advantages, applications and sectors in our downloadable ebook.