Introducing ASTI

ASTI Mobile Robotics is an international group of mobile robotics companies whose aim it is to help its customers become more competitive. Our engineering team analyses, designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains AGV-based intralogistics systems used to move materials and products from one location to another within plants.

Offering the market’s widest range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), ASTI Mobile Robotics Group has been awarded Europe's leading mobile robotics manufacturer for the fifth consecutive year. We are an expert in industrial connectivity and mobile robotics data analytics.

More than 35 years

ASTI MR Group comprises of ASTI Mobile Robotics, ASTI Mobile Robotics France and ASTI Mobile Robotics Germany. ASTI MR Group had a workforce of over 300 employees as of 2020 and plants located in Burgos (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany) and Mulhouse (France).


To be a world leader in automated intralogistics solutions using AGV systems


To improve our customers’ competitiveness, flexibility, and time to market


ASTI is a team of dynamic professionals, focused on customer service, striving for innovation, and working as a team in an atmosphere of respect and humility


1982 / Foundation

ASTI was founded by Ángel Pascual and Colette Boé in Burgos in 1982.

2000 / Company of the year

After 18 years of working in automated handling solutions, ASTI is awarded the “Company of the year” prize by FEMEBUR (“Federación de Empresarios del Metal de la Provincia de Burgos”).

2002 / New facility

Opening of a new 5,000 m facility in Madrigalejo del Monte (Burgos, Spain).

2003 / 2 generation

Generational change: Verónica Pascual Boé takes over as CEO of the company.

2008 - 2011 / Strategic plan

  • Deployment of the 2008-2011 strategic plan with the following action lines: internationalization and Research & Development (R&D).
  • Creation of an external advisory board.

2008 / Activity launch in Buenos Aires / “Innovative product” prize awarded by EXECYL.

2009 / Logistics excellence

"Logistics excellence" prize awarded by the ICIL foundation.

2010 / Prizes

  • “Empresa burgalesa socialmente responsable” (Socially Responsible Burgos Company) prize, awarded by the “Cámara de Comercio” (Chamber of commerce) in Burgos.
  • Special Jury Prize in the “Director of the Year” awards granted by the Logistics Club.

2010 / Online Shop for Components and Spare Parts

  • The online shop is open 24/7 and lists more than 3000 items. Our friendly shop team supplies companies, organizations, and private persons worldwide.

2011 / Innovative product

  • “Innovative product” prize awarded by FAE (“Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales”) for its EasyBots.
  • For the first time, the international turnover exceeds 50% of the annual revenue.

2012-2016 / Strategic plan

  • International Development and Consolidation, Operations Development, and Sustainable Investment in R&D.
  • “Best Young Company” prize awarded by the Castilla y León Financial Magazine.

2013 / Entrepreneur woman

“Woman Entrepreneur” prize awarded by “Castilla y León Emprende”.

2014 / Young national entrepreneur

“Young National Entrepreneur - Generational Change” prize awarded by CEAJE (“Confederación Española de Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios”).

2015 / International growth

  • Opening of two new sales offices in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • First project launched in China.
  • First project launched in Germany.
  • Launch of serial manufacturing of the EasyBot model in the new production line called “Unidad Autónoma de Producción” (UAP).
  • ASTI improves its customers’ competitiveness in 17 countries and in more than 15 different industries.
  • Beginning of the 2017-2020 strategic plan development.
  • Creation of the ASTI Group through the constitution of ASTI Technologies Group (Holding) and ASTI Technologies Distribution (Distribution of technological solutions).
  • ASTI Technologies Group owns 100% of ASTI Group and ASTI Technologies Distribution.
  • Additional investments made in other technological companies.

2016 / Growth

  • The ASTI Group’s workforce exceeds 100 employees.
  • New ASTI Technologies Distribution commercial delegation in France.


2017 / First European brand

  • Foundation of the first European brand: ASTI Mobile Robotics France.
  • Rebranding of the ASTI Group.

2018 / PYME of the year

ASTI Mobile Robotics is elected “PYME of the year” (SME of the year, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) by CEPYME (“Confederación Española de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa”) together with the “Federación Española de Autónomos”.

2019 / Alliance with Keensight Capital

ASTI MR Group begins its inorganic growth with the alliance with Keensight Capital as their financial and strategic partner.

2019 / Acquisition of the German company InSystems Automation

Acquisition of the German company InSystems Automation, a company specialized in the development of innovative automated solutions.

ASTI Mobile Robotics is certified with ISO 14001:2015 by Bureau Veritas Certification.


ASTI around the world

At present, ASTI’s team comprises of 12 nationalities, serving companies in around 20 countries throughout Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

ASTI has an extensive network of partners with which we work closely to provide the most appropriate solutions for each of our customers.

In the same way, ASTI has also established a network of companies that brings ASTI closer to the end customer, assisting in situ with maintenance and commercial support.



At ASTI, R+D+i represents the essence of all business activity. Year after year, ASTI invests strongly in research and development in order to keep our automated solutions at the forefront of technology.

In 2010, the R+D+i work was focused on the creation of an exclusive research department as part of our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement of our products and services centered on our customers’ needs. These needs are complemented by collaborations with research centers, universities and other entities such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, CDTI (“Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial”) or ADE (“Agencia de Desarrollo Económico”).

As a result of our research effort, revolutionary systems such as the dual guidance system for AGVs or the EasyBot model range are born and both granted innovation awards.


Commitment to excellence and sustainability

ASTI’s integrated management system of excellence has been established from the perspective of risk and opportunity management to ensure the purpose and mission of the organization and meets recognized international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, among others.

Our Excellence Policy as well as the established objectives not only seek to ensure compliance with the needs of stakeholders, but also seek to exceed their expectations. Aware of our responsibility towards our society and planet, ASTI’s management’s commitment to sustainability (economic, social and environmental) is expressed in its leadership and leads the organization to sustained success by managing the uncertainty generated in the industry’s changing environment during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We place our team’s commitment to the Health and Safety of our People, Products and Services above anything else (See Excellence Policy).

The people who make up ASTI’s team are a reflection of the values we have established for ourselves as a company. For this reason, we develop our strategy considering the ODS and the indications of the Global Compact, of which we are also partners. (See ASTI TECH Group CSR Master Plan and 2018 Indicators).