ASTI Mobile Robotics presents its new website where it showcases all of its logistics solutions for the connected industries. The site offers information on the different industries in which the engineering department works, as well as all the company’s solutions and all the products in its portfolio – a portfolio that is the largest on the market. The site also features the different applications of each of the solutions and, of course, the latest technology: navigation, batteries, safety systems, communications systems, and also connectivity systems. Likewise, the new page features an online store, where customers can purchase some AGV components. The site is rounded off with a section on corporate information and talent recruitment, as well as a blog where customers can follow all the company's news.

On the new website, ASTI Mobile Robotics presents its solutions for all the industrial sectors: automotive, e-commerce, food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, metal, logistics, and manufacturing, among others, with examples and success stories for each. Likewise, the mobile robotics engineering firm also showcases the different applications to cover each of the customers' needs: storage, material management, internal and external logistics with towing tractors, production flows, and goods-to-person solutions. All of this is done with the largest product portfolio on the market in terms of AGVs, allowing ASTI to have solutions to cover all of its customers' needs. Additionally, the site includes information on the latest technology in terms of safety, navigation, communications, and connectivity, 'ASTI Connected Services,' and R&D&I. The page is completed with a resource space where customers can find all the e-books, videos, images, success stories, and materials needed to showcase the great capacity of ASTI Mobile Robotics.

What's more, the new ASTI website includes all the company's corporate information, its history, its main milestones, as well as the Excellence and Quality Policies and the Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan. It also has a section for attracting talent –one of the company's pillars–, and a blog where visitors can find out about all the latest news linked to the engineering department and the team.

All of this exists while seeking to offer a useful experience to the user in a very accessible way, in both English and German. The site's navigation is intuitive, more usable, and adapted to all types of devices.