Telefónica Tech and ASTI Mobile Robotics, announced the signing of a global commercial agreement to promote the digitalisation of intralogistics in the industrial sector. The two companies have been collaborating for two years in the development of an integral  value proposal, a collaboration that is now furthered by this joint marketing agreement in the countries where the two companies operate, which also includes a more complete solution thanks to the incorporation of new technologies. 

This integral  solution helps the industrial sector to automate repetitive logistical processes within their facilities, thanks to the convergence of the worlds of OT/IT (operational technology and information technology) with tools such as autonomous vehicles and mobile robots AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) with intelligence, cellular connectivity, Blockchain traceability and Edge Computing technology, thus improving their processes and increasing efficiency in both costs and delivery times.

Telefónica Tech's IoT and Big Data solutions, developed together with partners such as ASTI, allow companies to optimise the industrial value chain by improving the overall efficiency of teams working in Industry 5.0. The main enabler of the so-called "Wireless Factories" concept is the 5G mobile communication standard, which allows mobile robots to communicate continuously and without interruption, allowing them freedom of movement, both in indoor and outdoor environments. These robots are guided through a technology, known as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), which allows them to build a map of the environment and simultaneously locate themselves to navigate it, capturing and receiving the information from their sensors. 

The development of the new generation of AGV robots and their integration with external sensors and the information of others in the same plant allows to have real-time vision and share it between all the AGV's and other devices. All this is possible thanks to the capabilities of the new industrial communications with 5G and the computing capabilities in the network with Industrial Edge Computing. These technologies are integrated with the capabilities of both companies in advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

A new solution to cope with Covid-19

The current Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the logistics and intralogistics sector, and new needs have emerged such as intelligent disinfection of working environments or customer service.

For this reason, Telefónica Tech has developed, together with ASTI, a specialised solution for disinfecting environments using ultraviolet light based on the ASTI Zenzoe robot. 

This new robot, like the rest of the catalogue of this signed agreement, has the capacity to keep the traceability of its locations and to certify them in an immutable way thanks to the traceability that Blockchain allows, in such a way that it guarantees that those environments have been disinfected in an irrefutable way, allowing certification of all processes where they operate.

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