InSystems offers its customers a wide range of service and machine maintenance. This has long been an important part of what we offer and is integral for InSystems Automation’s self-image.

This year, we restructured and now, all service-related tasks are sent to our new head of service, meant to be a direct partner for our customers for all matters surrounding maintenance, service and any emergencies that may occur with machines and facilities. These tasks have now been taken over by René, who has been with InSystems for many years.

Service, maintenance and repair

René has been part of InSystems’ team for 12 years and knows the organisation inside out. He came to the organisation as a PLC-programmer and then chose his career as head of service. Originally an automation engineer, René studied computer engineering after he finished school, as he had been interested in all matters of technology ever since he had been a child. During his studies, his preferred topics were control engineering and system theory, and he always kept an eye out for opportunities for practical work. His application with InSystems happened more or less by chance, which was lucky – after he finished his degree, René was immediately hired.

His work had René travel to Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the USA. “One gets around a lot. And I’ve never gotten bored in my work as a programmer at InSystems, even after all these years. There are barely any projects I remember that were repetitions of another, all projects are normally something new and challenging.”, he explains. An especially interesting project was the installation of a system for automated reeling in the processing of fibers. This was done for a manufacturer of products for people struggling with kidney failure. “This project had me excited from the moment it began. The whole task was challenging and unusual. I used all of my abilities for it.”, René notes.

Looking for challenges

When asked what it is that makes a project interesting to him, he says: “It has to be something tricky and out of the ordinary.” It is always a great challenge to have to think outside the box to find the right kind of solution. One project, ordered by an IT-organisation, took more than two years to be fully realised. René and his co-workers had to program the distribution of orders for the inventory management in 12 maintenance groups.

From programmer to head of service

Before René was head of service, he worked as a PLC-programmer for 12 years. His range of tasks he fulfilled as a PLC-programmer is very broad and includes software development, installation and migration – that is, transferring one operating system to another, right on-site for the customer. Anyone interested in this job here at InSystems should have some experience with Simatic S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT. It is also important to be able to work with networks such as Ethernet (Profinet) and Profibus.

René personally sees to it that all repair services around machines and software are quickly taken care of and communicates with customers to find a solution. If there is ever a case in which he cannot help, i.e. if it is an electric or mechanical problem, he will swiftly refer the customer to one of InSystems’ specialists. All offers for modifications, custom solutions, spare parts, wearing parts and software updates are created and coordinated by him. Specific arrangements for availability and response times can be made via individual service contracts.

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