On Friday, June 21st, InSystems celebrated the topping out ceremony for the new office building and its 20th company anniversary. The new building in the Hans-Schmid Straße is an extension of the building at Wagner-Régeny-Str. 16, which the company has been sharing for 1,5 years with the association ZeSys e.V. as tenant. District mayor Oliver Igel took part in the ceremony and welcomed the participant


Speech of Henry Stubert and Prof. Dr. Schlingloff

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Stens, managing director of ZeSys e.V., moderated the event and welcomed the participants. He opened the official part of the event by saying that, just two years ago, ZeSys had just celebrated the topping out ceremony for the first construction stage. Back then no one would have imagined, that the second construction stage would follow that quickly.

Henry Stubert, managing director of InSystems Automation, pointed out that the companies feel at home in Adlershof. After founding the firm 20 years ago in his basement with Torsten Gast, the second managing director, he moved one year later to Adlershof in the Innovation and Start-up Center (IGZ). It was also IGZ which provided the contact to ZeSys, which was looking for a tenant for their planned building. At the end of 2017, InSystems and ZeSys moved into the first building.

Stubert thanked the construction workers and said “It was very fun to watch, how quickly they built during the last weeks and how hard they worked.”  Prof. Dr. Schlingloff, CEO at ZeSys, speaked for his company. He highlighted how glad he is as a small association to work in same building with InSystems Automation. He hopes for a closer cooperation during research projects. He, Mr. Dr. Kallow of Investor RaKaTec Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH and treasurer at ZeSys e.V., gave Mr. Stubert a huge gift hamper.



Welcoming speech by District Mayor of Treptow-Köpenick Oliver Igel

“It is awesome to see, that  two institutions which grew in Adlershof and deliver contributions outside of Adlershof are gathered here”, said District Mayor Oliver Igel. He congratulated InSystems Automation to its 20. birthday and mentioned the showroom, in which “ants dart back and forth” and admitted to be fascinated by the technology behind the transport robots.

“We want, that Adlershof stays on top!”, said Oliver Igel. He said, the way the location Adlershof and its companies, institutions and people develops makes him proud. He congratulated InSystems Automation for the new building, which opens a new chapter in the history of the company, and ended his welcoming speech with the word “…and now let us celebrate deservedly.”

Topping out speech and buffet opening

After the speeches Jörg Schneidereit from Freyler Industriebau GmbH, project leader for the building project, spoke in front of the scaffold. According to the tradition, the schnapps glasses were thrown and crushed.

Finally, the buffet was opened. After all, even during the speeches the delicious barbecue smell blew around the attendants. With tasty food, cold drinks and a lovely weather, the teams of InSystems Automation and ZeSys enjoyed a cosy topping out celebration until late in the evening.