Have you heard about the ASTI Robotics Challenge? It is the most important robotics challenge in the country, organized by us here at the ASTI Foundation (www.astifoundation.com).

Adopting the methodological approach of Project-Based Learning and DIY culture, the participants, from September to March, will work on constructing a mobile robot, maintaining regular communication about their progress, and overcoming challenges in preparation for the final stage of the tournament. 

The ASTI Robotics Challenge (www.astichallenge.com) allows you to work in different areas of expertise in technology, programming, and robotics, as well as developing skills such as project management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity – all in an educational environment.

Applications are open, and reserving your place is very easy: https://astichallenge.com/eforms/desafio-asti_2020/6/. Every team that reaches the on-site final will receive up to 100 euros to cover the costs of creating and building their robot.

We are preparing a grand finale for the 20th of March 2021, which could take on different forms, depending on the evolution of the current pandemic. If you would like to participate as a sponsor or collaborator, all you have to do is contact our foundation:  https://astifoundation.com/colabora/

ASTI Foundation was created in 2017 in view of the many opportunities, and also the important challenges, of the digital era, in the knowledge that many jobs will disappear and new ones will be created, and that the key to this sustainable transition depends on the education of our young people and on on-site training, thus developing talent through the use of technology. Its two main programmes are STEM Talent Girl, which seeks to encourage scientific and technological vocations among girls and young women, and ASTI Robotics Challenge, which aims to promote STEM talent in the field of mobile robotics.