Towing AGVs are used for pulling trolleys one by one or in logistic trains. Our range includes mouse and tractor models with different load capacities and functionalities to provide flexible solutions for logistic and manufacturing flows.


Easybot standard

Do it the easy way!
The Easybot standard is the perfect automation solution.
Easy to install, easy to manage and easy to maintain!

Logistic transportation

The vehicles in our Easybot standard range are mainly used to convey loads by pulling carts. They perform logistic transportation in an industrial environment in a fully automatic and safe way.

Our Standard Easybots are robust, realiable and
well-stablished in the market vehicles. They pass the most rigorous validation checks, working in countless automatic logistical projects and processes with 24/7 intensive use.

Easybot 2.0

Easybot 2.0

New cutting-edge AGV generation, compact, agile and connected.
It enables flexible layout and complex movements to optimize your operations more than ever.

New features

Our 2.0 Easybot range incorporates new features, keeping the essence of Easybot.

With great load capacity and reduced dimensions, these innovative range of vehicles are able to adapt to a wide variety of load carriers for the automation of logistic flows and provide an ergonomic solution in assembly lines.

Easybot 2.0


Automate the shipping and management of trolleys of different sizes simultaneously, and the formation of assembly lines on AGVs.

Increase your productivity

Increase your productivity by automating the transport of your goods both indoors and outdoors.

Our Tribot range are safe and flexible vehicles, capable of integrating different options to adapt to the needs of each project and offer the latest technologies, such as communications through 4G.