The key to success against COVID

  • Air disinfection: kill the viruses that remain in the environment
  • Complete protection: disinfection of environment, surfaces and objects.
  • Quick and efficient solution: 6-8 min for a 25m2 room.
  • Control is yours: disinfection traceability to monitor the performance.
  • Easy to use: simulation of the radiation and pre-programmed cycles.
  • Non-toxic: waiting time for the disinfected facility to be used again.

Stay safe everywhere

The application of ZENZOE is not limited only to hospitals or healthcare facilities, but can also be implemented in educational, sports, offices, commercial and industrial applications, since it is an ideal solution to reduce the spread of any virus or bacteria in environments of daily use and transit.


The ZENZOE family of products has a robotic version and three different manual versions to provide total flexibility and adapt to any kind of space.



The most efficient autonomous solution in the market. Our robot disinfects while moving around the room at a very high speed avoiding possible obstacles in the route, which provides a 2.5 quicker disinfection with optimal efficiency (no shadows nor hidden areas).

ZENZOE Manual:

ZENZOE Manual:

Easy, Pro and Plus manual range is the most versatile solution. It provides a high disinfection efficiency, thanks to an optimized dose of UV-C light. This family is especially designed for reduced spaces or lower investments.


Connectivity and traceability at the heart of the system

Our exclusive software ZENZOE Simulator ® calculates the optimal radiation cycle to plan the most efficient disinfection for each place and records it in real time. Thanks to our Connected Services, it is possible to monitor the performance from anywhere in the world via WiFi and 4G. Potential problems can also be diagnosed remotely and supports planning predictive maintenance.

Discover ZENZOE, your trusted partner for disinfection

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